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Gotharman's MiniProphet EuroRack


Set includes:

-A double VCO module with built-in MIDI to CV/Gate interface. Runs on MIDI channel 2. 26 HP.

-A double VCF module. 26 HP.

-A double ADSR envelope module. 14 HP.

-A double LFO module. 12 HP.

-A powerboard that you connect between the powerboard of your eurorack system, and the MiniProphet modules, that supplies these with an extra + and - 5volts.

-2 pcs. 10 pin connection cables, for MiniProphet's internal connections.

-4 pcs. power cables.

For differences between the MiniProphet and the original Pro One, please see below.

Internal connections:

-All 6 oscillator output waveforms are internally connected to the filters input mixer.

-The envelope gate, from the MIDI interface and the trigger button, are internally connected to the envelopes gate input.

-The output of envelope 1 are connected to VCA CV.

-The output of envelope 2 are connected to the VCF CV2.

-VCO2 triangle output are connected to VCO1 FM input.

-When something is plugged in to the respective inputs, the internal connection is disconnected.


User Manual:

Click on the manual to download it

Gotharman's MiniProphet


Gotharman has now build a Sequential Pro One fully analogue synth clone, with a few extras. The 2 unmarked pushbuttons with LED's are "Oscillator sync" and "Gate Trigger". You can watch it get tweaked and sequenced by my UltraCyclus, on this video:

Except for the build in MIDI interface, this synth is completely analogue. The oscillators, filters and envelopes is build with original old CEM chips. All other parts in it is new.

Differences from the original Pro One:

-Build in MIDI to CV/gate interface

-An extra filter is added, made with a CEM3328 chip, plucked from a defective Ensoniq Mirage

-An extra LFO is added

-Levels can be adjusted separately for each oscillator waveform, instead of only on/off switching

-FM can be adjusted separately for OSC A and the filters - FM waveforms can be selected

-Analogue feedback is added

-Lacks the keyboard and sequencer



-Completely analogue - no memory!


-Build in MIDI interface that receives note on/off, velocity, pitchbender and modulation wheel data. Filter cutoff can be controlled by mod wheel or velocity.

-2 VCO's with sawtooth, triangle and square waveforms, pwm, sync and FM.

-2 filters, both LPF, one original Pro One filter and one Ensoniq Mirage filter. Has filter FM (Fxm). The outputs of the 2 filters are phase inversed to each other, to make it possible to do BPF effects.

-2 ADSR envelopes.

-2 LFO's

-Analogue feedback.


-Power: 230Vac.


-MIDI in

-Audio out