Duophonic Roland Jupiter-8 clone, build with original Roland IR3109 filter chips, and with a few extra's:

-Hi-Pass has added resonance, and can be modulated.

-Fully programable overdrive stage has been added to it's output section. This can also be modulated.

-Oscillators has some added Gotharman waveforms (16 in all).



-Key modes: Duo, split, dual, mono.

-2 oscillators with each 16 different waveforms, which are all affected by pwm. Pitchable noise. Oscillator sync, FM and ringmodulator. Portamento.

-One 12 dB hi-pass and one 24 dB low-pass (Original Roland Jupiter-8). Each filter can be separately controlled, programmed and modulated. Hi-pass has added resonance, compared to the original Jupiter-8.

-Original Jupiter-8 VCA stage build with Roland BA662's. It can be modulated and an overdive stage are added to it, which also can be modulated.

-Modulation sources: Oscillator 2 can modulate oscillator 1 (FM) and the filters (FxM). Other sources are: modulator1 (a 16 step step-modulator with glides and steps), LFO1, random generator, keyboard, velocity, midi-controller 1-17, 1 ADSR VCA envelope.

-Memory: 512 locations for storing sounds in EEPROM's - No back-up battery needed. All parameters can be edited and stored.

-MIDI data received (on selectable midi-channel): Note-on, Note-off, velocity, pitch-bend, controller 1-17.


A few clean demo's of the SpaZe Jupiter

Spaze Jupiter with added delay