Electric guitar mp3 - An electric guitar connected to AnamOno's audio input. First some filtering effects, then the g-RAY circuit is added and tweaked. And in case you haven't noticed: I have no idea on how to play a guitar.

External Audio Input mp3 - An innocent techno pattern from a Roland MC-909 are manipulated with Anamono's granulator. It is realtime timestretched and pitch-shifted, playback reverse and freeze are modulated by an LFO, and at the end more steps and fragments are added to the granulation, which fucks the pattern up totally beyond any recognition. Sometimes I mix between the granulated and the original signal.

It's the voice you joy mp3 - Modulator 1 modulates the cutoff of the 2 analogue filters. A MIDI controller morphs between 2 different modulator settings.

various presets mp3 - Percussion, bass, granulator and feedback sound examples.

Glitch mp3 - A wild sound, using the ring modulator.

Glitch Bass mp3 - Even wilder!

loficlap mp3 - Created using the g-RAY feedback synthesis.

filterdelay mp3 - The output of the delay filtered using the digital filter.

beat mp3 - Electronic drum sounds using ringmodulator and g-RAY feedback.

dirtylead mp3 - The analogue overdrive circuit!

granulator mp3 - 2 soundclips using the step-programable granulator in stretch mode. A MIDI controller controls the freeze function.

morphing sequence mp3 - Modulator 1 in note output mode - A MIDI controller morphs between 2 different modulator settings.

mouth harp mp3 - All 3 filters and modulator 1 creates a didgeridoo like sound.

mouth harp 2 mp3 - Another didgeridoo like sound.

slowly insane mp3 - g-RAY feedback is taken from the Granulator/Delay output. A MIDI controller controls the freeze function.

Lez Granu mp3 - The granulator is creating a different sounding delay.

Ugly Can mp3 - g-RAY feedback synthesis in it's best!