Bass Enhancer for LD3 and Tiny LD
To get the Bass Enhancer effect for your LD3 or Tiny LD, you can:

-Make a video, where you are performing a track on your LD3/Tiny LD. This video must have good audio and video quality, and LD3/Tiny LD must be visible in most of the video. Upload this to Youtube and share it on the LD3/Tiny LD threads on Muffwiggler and Gearslutz. Send me an email with a link to the video, together with model name (LD3 or Tiny LD), and the serial number of your instrument. The serial number can be found under MOR>COMMON. You will then receive an email with a firmware, that unlocks the Bass Enhancer on your device.
The video's might be shared on the Gotharman's web site and on the Gotharman's Facebook site.
Please take care of getting a good audio and picture quality.