Gotharman's Little deFormer

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If anybody should want to test Little deFormers sequencer timing, here are a .wav file with a 16th note rimshot, running at 120 BPM, recorded at 16 bit, 48 KHz:


Muffwiggler member Mckenic asked me to put his acoustic guitar through the Little deFormer. Here are the result:










Gotharman and Little deFormer: Organic



10 LFO's and 16 voice trigged random modulators:



Little deFormer oscillators - All sounds are made with its new internal oscillators:



Analog Expander Stand Alone Box:




Analog Eurorack Expander:


Black Edition:


Morphing FilterBank:


Sample Triggers:



Abstructo effect:

The Quick Record function:

Someone asked for this:

Playing back a few of the included presets:

Pitch Manipulation:

Unfortunately there was something wrong with my camera, when recording this video, so there are some high-pitched background noise on it. Here are a direct recording of the little deFormer pitch shifting:



The Variator and TimeStretch effects:

The Granulator effect:

Delay used as loop recorder:

The Reverb effect:

Sample section, filters and Obscembler effect:

How to record a sample:

The Delay effect: