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Gotharman's PitchShaper  APRIL 2011





A pitch matching/shaping/warping 14 hp module using granular technology.

-The audio signal applied to input 2 will be re-pitched to match the pitch of the audio signal applied to input 1. The re-pitched input 2 signal will be the output. Will only pitch-match correctly on monophonic signals.

-Since this module works directly on audio, instead of pitch to CV or pitch to MIDI, anything can be pitch-matched to anything.

-By adjusting or modulating the controls, it is possible to obtain granular effects far away from pitch-matching.

-Ultra fast pitch-tracking system.

-24 bit/44.1 KHz highend digital audio path ensures a warm and smooth sound, that fits perfect to a high quality analogue modular system.


Audio demos:

In the following demos these two signals are applied to the inputs:

Test Wave

Voice Sampling

At first we will do it the intented way. The voice sampling are connected to input 1 and the testwave to input 2. The wave will follow the pitch of the voice. The controls are tweaked to obtain more or less precise pitch tracking, and to create some effects:

Sound example 1

In this second sound example, we will switch the inputs around, so the voice will be pitch-matched to the wave. Now the fun begins! By adjusting the controls, some really weird granular effects are obtained:

Sound example 2

In this next sound example, we will apply a beat sampling to input 2, instead of the voice. Controls are again tweaked to obtain granular effects:

Sound example 3

In this sound example, we will use more traditional analogue modular sound sources. We apply this wave to input 1:


And this filter sweep to input 2:

Filter Sweep

Only the controls on PitchShaper are tweaked in this sound example. The wave and filter sweep stays the same in the whole clip:

PitchShaped filter sweep



Analogue to digital conversion: 24 bit

Digital to analogue conversion: 24 bit

Internal sound system: 24 bit/44.1 KHz

Power requirements: + and – 12 volts

Power consumption: 130 mA

Accepted control voltages: Up to +/- 12 volts . Recommended: +/- 5 volts

Size: 3 units, 14 hp


User Manual:

Click on the picture, to download the user manual