Gotharman's Moog Voyager Modular   September 2010


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The voiceboard of a Moog Voyager Old School build in to a Modular World Eurorack case. Everything is connected to minijacks. The oscillators, mixers, filters and VCA are interconnected, when no jacks is plugged in.

It has a build in MIDI-CV/gate interface, that is always set to MIDI channel 2.

It has 4 extra VCA's and 2 inverters build in to the lower row of jacks.

There are room for some extra modules, and a standard eurorack powerboard is build-in.

Gotharman: "Damned, I wish I had a modular synth!!!"

How big are the voiceboard in a Moog Voyager anyway???

Would it fit into a Eurorack case from Modular World?

Hmmm.... All those digital switches on the voiceboard doesn't really make me happy. But heck, we don't need them! We need MINIJACK CABLES!!! So let's cut'em out!

.... Some weekends later: The Voyager Modular

The empty space are for new Gotharman inventions! Stay tuned......

Some sound examples:




Download Voyager Tune Program