Gotharman's Little deFormer

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Tube BOX - Tube filter output expander with drive for Little deFormer and FX deFormer


Connect Tube BOX to your Little deFormer or FX deFormer and get an extra audio output, with a real tube bandpass filter with drive. It is possible to route samplings, synthsounds and audio from the external inputs through this. This will bring warmth and distortion to your Little deFormer's sound, that only a real tube can do. All parameters can be adjusted from the Little deFormer: Tube drive, cutoff, resonance and sample rate. It is also possible to modulate tube drive, cutoff and resonance, using all of the Little deFormer's modulation sources. An envelope follower has been added, to mute the signal, when using high resonance settings. Gets its power from Little deFormer.

Since this box is build with old tubes, that are already obsolete, availability will be fluctuating. I will keep this site updated on availability.

Box measurements: 120 x 75 x 45 mm.

Will be delivered in alu design, like this:


User Manual:

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