Gotharman's Little deFormer

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AnaX mkII - Analog Expander for Little deFormer and FX deFormer


Box measurements: 120 x 103 x 53 mm.


-4 assignable 0-5 V CV inputs for modulation of most parameters

-2 CV outputs that can output the sequencer controller tracks, audio BUS 1 to 4 in 12 bit, 2 to 20 KHz adjustable format, LFO 3 to 10 and Random Generator 1 to 16. Can be note quantized to 1V/oct.

 -4 trigger inputs and 4 outputs. For triggering Little deFormer's samplings, grains, sequencer and freeze, and for triggering your analogue gear with Little deFormer. Outputs: 5V, Inputs: up to 15 V.

-Cable for connecting to Little deFormer are included.

-Gets its power from Little deFormer, not your eurorack.



Click on the AnaX mkII manual to download it